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“In order to survive a gunfight, one needs to adapt to the situation and look for a fast solution to the problem under extreme stress conditions.”

Our goal is to provide the most complete and effective instruction, so as to allow our attendees to correctly apply the fundamental principles of self defense.

Regardless of the context, whether it involves military or law enforcement personnel, or more simply civilians, our ultimate goal is the survival of the operator or individual who resorts to the extreme use of firearms when confronted with a gunfight.

The self defense criteria and principles we teach are inspired by the respect for the main current criminal laws (specifically artt. 51-52- 53-54 Codice Penale).

Our training aims at simulating real-life scenarios in settings including battle fields, urban streets and domestic environments. Everything we teach has been tested first hand by those whose survival depended on the application of the procedures and techniques most appropriate for situations requiring a proportionate use of force. We do not presume to teach or to distribute anything spectacular nor innovative, but – much more simply – over the course of the past few years we have developed an instructional system that allows us to provide the most straightforward training in a relatively brief period of time.

We encourage our attendees to think, not just to shoot, using the tools and options learnt in our courses in order to solve the problems presented during the real-life simulations.

We trained hundreds of people. To each and everyone of our trainees, whether they are a complete beginner or a civilian practitioner or an expert operator, we reserve a special attention that will take them to a higher level of know-how to survive a shooting encounter.